Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Comfrey & Lavender covered in snow

The comfrey and lavender plants in my garden, as well as the perennial flowers and bulbs are covered in a blanket of snow. It is always a surprise to me that one day there are bees on the lavender and the next I am slipping on the driveway covered in ice. I planted my rosemary next to the house with the hopes of it surviving the winter, but it definitely looks like it has hit the dust. With a few nights at zero and many in the single digits that was a bit too much to expect. But, there will always be Spring and time to plant more.


About This Blog

Blogging is new for me, but I am excited to share with you Muno Body Products information. My products are made from natural and organic herbs, oils and bees wax. With 30 grandchildren I wanted something that was healing, soothing and safe. Boo Boo was made to help heal their chapped cheeks, lips and knuckles, hang nails, and scratches. I started to give it to friends, as did my children and the results have been remarkable! My daughters and their friends have been using it on diaper rash, chapped cheeks and hands, excema, and scratches for the past 4 years with great success.

Use Boo Boo on clean skin--it heals quickly. It is not meant for open wounds and a little goes a long way. Most people have found it very soothing and remarkably healing.

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