Wednesday, October 14, 2009

making Dr. Christopher's anti-plague

More than 15 years ago a dear lady by the name of Mildred gave me a copy of Dr. Christopher's anti-plague formula. She studied herbs with Dr. Christopher many years ago, I think more than 70 years, and had been in attendance in his class when someone asked him what to do if a plague like the Black flu came back. He rattled off a list of herbs to be made into a formula. Mildred said later he called one of the students in the class that had written the formula down and asked for a copy. He was given this formula of herbs under inspiration at the moment the question was asked.

Mildred was always encouraging me to learn more about herbs. I grew to love and admire Mildred, but it was not until last week that I MADE the anti-plague "mess." She warned me it would stink! As I warmed each herb slowly in distilled water, extremely slowly and then drained off the herbs saving the liquid to "slowly, very slowly" cook down to 1/4 the contents. I thought; this isn't so bad. I poured this mixture in a quart jar, covered it and stored it in my fridge. Which is an extreme accomplishment on its own! My fridge is full. Perhaps 'full' does not convey the intended meaning-stuffed would be more accurate. I remind my children that it is not bits and pieces, but mostly vegetables from my garden-beets, carrots, kale, green beans, squash, cucumbers, apples, pears and peaches from my neighbor. Yes, I do live alone. But my fridge is much too small and I mostly eat fresh. Not a lot of room for an extra jar. By the time I got to the twelfth jar, I moved the apples outside and rejoiced that I do not refrigerate the tomatoes.

This process took several days. I forgot to mention the garlic slurry in my cool storage room that needed to sit for 4 days while I processed the rest of the herbs. Finally I was ready to mix all together. Did I mention that I had borrowed a large kettle from my daughter Jennifer, because mine was not big enough. I combined all with the honey and "slowly, very slowly" heated up my, sure to "heal the world mix," and actually got it in quart jars (yes, plural, because I was making some for a friend and I do have 7 children and 26 grandchildren), without spilling too much. Put my jars in the basement, cleaned the floor and stove and rejoiced!

The next day I did a thorough cleaning of my fridge, you know, take out all the drawers and shelves and really scrub. It is not a job I enjoy doing. I FOUND ONE MORE BOTTLE! I had counted and counted. This seems to be a skill I am loosing.

Downstairs I went, to retrieve the bottles, pour all back in Jennifer's large pot, along with the forgotten bottle and "slowly, very slowly" warmed up the "mix," which I was now calling it, the entire time trying not to have negative thoughts. Once again, re bottled, carried downstairs to storage room, washed stove, pots and floor.

I have now shared with my children, given my friend hers and hoped I would never repeat this process.BUT, then again, we will be prepared for the Plague, should it come our way.


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Blogging is new for me, but I am excited to share with you Muno Body Products information. My products are made from natural and organic herbs, oils and bees wax. With 30 grandchildren I wanted something that was healing, soothing and safe. Boo Boo was made to help heal their chapped cheeks, lips and knuckles, hang nails, and scratches. I started to give it to friends, as did my children and the results have been remarkable! My daughters and their friends have been using it on diaper rash, chapped cheeks and hands, excema, and scratches for the past 4 years with great success.

Use Boo Boo on clean skin--it heals quickly. It is not meant for open wounds and a little goes a long way. Most people have found it very soothing and remarkably healing.

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