Friday, November 30, 2012

What do I do with Boo Boo?

What do I do with Boo Boo?

cuts & scrapes
bumps & scuffs
diaper & skin rashes
eczema relief
saddle rash


Sunday, November 25, 2012

Boo Boo to be sold at Cystic Fibrosis Boutique

Boo Boo, Night Night & Boo Boo Calm help Cystic Fibrosis Boutique

Come support the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and pick up fun, creative Christmas presents. I am excited to be a part of "Elliot's Angels' Holiday Boutique" on Friday, November 30th and Saturday, December 1st. Hope to see you there!


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sleep Relief with Night Night / Thanksgiving

As Thanksgiving week starts my awarness is heightened of those who do not have relief from suffering;  of those stuggling through their days from a lack of sleep; of the many in need of food and a warm place to sleep. I have prayed to be a blessing for those around me. I have asked for a heightened sensory perception where I could serve. I am grateful for family and friends that buoy me up in times of difficulty.

Last night was spent in bottling up my "Night Night" mixture for the botique at the end of the month.  I prayed as I worked that this would be a blessing to those who used it, as it has been for my family.


Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Night Night gives relief to restless nights!

Night Night was developed in answer to a daughter in law that was struggling with lack of sleep! Linda asked if there was something I could do to help her and Night Night was born! This was several years ago and I have been mixing pure essential oils in a combination that has brought relief not only to my dear Linda, but many of my children and grandchildren.

And as always happens when something "works" requests kept coming in from friends, and my children's friends, to please make them some. This has been a fun blessing to those I love and I am now delighted to offer it for sale.

Night Night is "relaxing and balancing," helps with " insomnia," and works fantastically well in "quieting emotions." Night Night has also helped me with persistent "restless legs."


About This Blog

Blogging is new for me, but I am excited to share with you Muno Body Products information. My products are made from natural and organic herbs, oils and bees wax. With 30 grandchildren I wanted something that was healing, soothing and safe. Boo Boo was made to help heal their chapped cheeks, lips and knuckles, hang nails, and scratches. I started to give it to friends, as did my children and the results have been remarkable! My daughters and their friends have been using it on diaper rash, chapped cheeks and hands, excema, and scratches for the past 4 years with great success.

Use Boo Boo on clean skin--it heals quickly. It is not meant for open wounds and a little goes a long way. Most people have found it very soothing and remarkably healing.

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