Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Idea Room: Thankful Rolls

I have tried various ways to have the family verbalize their gratitude on Thanksgiving Day. When my children were younger we had a "thankful box" where the children would put in little notes about their siblings and parents to be read at the Thanksgiving table. Often we would have guests tell about favorite Thanksgiving memories or traditions. For a few years we had a program with flannel board stories, musical number, poems and little plays about the holiday complete with hats and a few costumes. The last few years I have put 3 pieces of dried corn by each person's plate. As the meal gets going we go around the table with each person putting a corn in the middle of the table and telling everyone what they are grateful for. There can be no repeats in gratitude ideas and by the third round ideas become 'creative' and often heartwarming!

This morning I found these creative and fun rolls on "The Idea Room." It is definitely worth a try this Thanksgiving! Check it out!

The Idea Room: Thankful Rolls


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